Guidelines for Reviewers

Reviewers who accept the invitation to serve as a member of the Review Team are asked to consider the following before they receive the self-study:
    In the letter of charge, reviewers are guided in this manner:
We ask that you consider carefully the evidence of program quality, student learning, and service to stakeholders as is consistent with our institutional mission and program mission. Information about Brigham Young University –Hawaii’s mission can be obtained from our website.
Please focus on the following types of questions, as you review the self-study, visit the program, and prepare the report.
  • Is the unit prepared to meet the emerging needs of the field? Is the curriculum preparing the students to meet the emerging needs of the field?
  • Does the unit provide sufficient assessment evidence of student learning? Are the assessment plan and the assessment measures appropriate?
  • From your perspective, is the unit's infrastructure (human, physical, and financial) sufficient to achieve its vision, mission, and goals?
  • Are there external trends or conditions (academic, research, services) that present opportunities or threats to the unit's ability to achieve its vision, mission, goals, and objectives?
  • What are your specific recommendations relevant to the program under review?
Examples of review team reports from previous program reviews can be found by clicking on a department name at this link:
BYU-Hawaii will directly book and pay for the following expenses for External Program Reviewers:
  • Roundtrip airfare to Honolulu Airport
  • Room (3 nights’ accommodations)
  • Rental Car (3 days) or Shuttle to campus
  • Meals will be provided during the site-visit
Additional travel expenses incurred may be reimbursed according to BYUH policy (receipts required). Please give receipts to the program administrative assistant.
Honorariums for external reviewers will not be distributed without a signed W9 form. Payment will be disbursed upon receipt of the final Review Team Report.


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