Site Visit

    The site visit provides a constructive, balanced expert analysis of the program and the self-study report. The visit focuses on academic quality and aspects of departmental functioning that have a demonstrable impact on the quality of the program. Department matters not demonstrably related to the quality of the academic program are outside the purview of the reviewers’ consultation.
    Departments will host a two-day site visit at which the department’s students, alumni, program faculty (adjunct and core), other personnel, the Dean, Associate VPs, President and VP for Academics will actively engage in discussions about the program with the external reviewers.
The department sets the two-day site visit schedule over three days by arranging the following meetings for the review team:
  • Opening meeting attended by the Associate AVP for Assessment & Accreditation, the Dean and the Chair/Program Review Coordinator
  • Orientation meeting with the Associate AVP for Assessment & Accreditation (30 minutes)
  • Additional meetings with:
    • Associate AVP for Assessment & Accreditation (30 minutes)
    • University President and Vice President for Academics (1 hour)
    • Associate VP for Instruction and Associate VP for Curriculum (30 minutes)
    • Dean (30 minutes)
    • Department Chair (1 hour)
    • Full-time Faculty (as a group/(s), 1 hour)
    • Part-time Faculty (as a group/(s), 1 hour)
    • Students (as a group or groups, 1 hour per group)-schedule 2 different groups of students
    • Staff (as a group, 30-45 minutes)
    • Optional:
      • Alumni (if available)
      • Tour of department facilities (where appropriate)
  • Prep time for preliminary oral report
  • Preliminary oral report - 30 minutes (where everyone listed above, plus the Assessment director, is invited to attend)
The department arranges each meeting, orders food (where applicable) and invites all attendees. The department distributes the agenda to all attendees. A copy of the agenda should also be posted on the department portfolio and sent to the Program Review Coordinator. There may be slight modifications made to this agenda. Example agendas from past reviews can be found here.

Guidelines and template for agendas

    The Review Team will gather information collectively from the self-study report and supporting evidence, on-site review of student work samples and on-site discussions. The team will give a preliminary oral report at the end of the site-visit. They will submit a final review team report approximately 4-6 weeks after the site visit. The Review Team chair has the ultimate responsibility for writing and submitting the final report.
Departments may review the final report to check for errors of fact and have the Review Team make revisions to the report, if necessary.
   The dean writes a response to the final Review Team report, addressing each of the recommendations made by the team. This will serve as a guiding document to the department as they prepare their Department Quality Improvement Plan.
    The department is responsible for the following arrangements for the site visit. It is recommended that the department secretary or administrative assistant be involved in planning the site visit during the Preparation stage.
  • Arrange travel itineraries and housing for external Review Team members. These charges will be paid for by University Assessment.
  • Locate and reserve a review team room (one room that serves as the central location for the review team over the two-day period; this should be available to the team all day, each day over the 2-day visit)
  • Reserve rooms needed for meetings with faculty, students, staff, etc. during 2-day visit
  • Plan and order meals and food for two-day period (typically, breakfast and lunch for the team and one meal with the team and faculty). $500 maximum for the two-day period paid for by University Assessment. 
  • E-mail reviewers with 2-day program review schedule and instructions on where to meet upon initial arrival. For external reviewers, include W9 form, reimbursement form, campus map and instructions on how to drive to the campus. These forms are available at:
  • Pick up room keys from Housing (if external reviewers are staying on-campus) or from Turtle Bay Condos (if external reviewers are staying off-campus).
  • Make arrangements to meet reviewers when they arrive to give them the keys to their rooms.
  • Assist external reviewers in getting parking passes from Security Office. This must be done after they arrive on campus. (Driver’s name, license plate#, and duration of stay are needed. The parking pass should be displayed on the rear view mirror). 
  • Provide additional hard copies of W9 and reimbursement forms and instructions to external reviewers when they arrive on campus. Collect these completed forms from external reviewers on the last day of the review and submit to the Program Review Coordinator.


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