All costs will be paid by the institutional assessment account up to the allotted amount. Travel costs and other on-campus expenses should be charged directly to the institutional assessment account.

Department Chair Department Secretaries Coordinator/AVPAA
Select Review Dates Coordinate and set travel schedules for external reviewers with Travel Office. Communicate with reviewers to finalize flight, car and lodging.  Send initial invitation letters
Select Potential Reviewers Compile electronic copy of self-studies (combine all parts into one PDF file and send to Program Review Coordinator) Send confirmation letter with travel and honorarium details, and basic reviewers guidelines 
Coordinate Self-Study writing groups Set and distribute the two-day site visit schedule. The elements required in the schedule can be found here. See past reviews for agenda examples at this site: Send electronic copy of self-study with accompanying letter containing charge for reviewers
Ensure Completion of Self-Study Designate and reserve a review team room (one room that serves as the central location for the review team over the two-day period) Mail self-study hard copies 
Send Self Study for review by Dean and IEAC Member Reserve any other rooms needed for meetings during 2-day visit The AAVPAA will meet with the review team to give guiding directions and offer assistance at the beginning of the visit and at the end of the first day.
Work with Department Secretary for scheduling site visit Plan and order meals and food for two-day period (typically, breakfast and lunch for the team and select others on both days). $500 maximum for the two-day period.  Attend preliminary oral report
Create the Department Quality Improvement Plan (DQIP) E-mail reviewers with 2-day program review schedule and instructions on where to meet upon initial arrival. For external reviewers, include W9 form, reimbursement form, campus map and instructions on how to drive to the campus. Upon receipt of final review team report and signed W9 forms, initiate processing of Request for Temporary Services Form to pay honorariums for external reviewers
Meet with the VP for Academics to review the DQIP Pick up room keys from Housing (if external reviewers are staying on-campus) or Turtle Bay Kuilima Estates Condos (if external reviewers are staying at the Turtle Bay Condos.)  
  Make arrangements and meet reviewers when they arrive to give them the keys to their rooms.  
  Assist external reviewers in getting parking passes from Security Office. This must be done after they arrive on campus. (Driver's name, license plate #, and duration of stay are needed. The parking pass should be displayed on the rear view mirror).   
  Provide hard copies of W9 and reimbursement form and instructions to external reviewers.   

Assist in collecting and digitizing course syllabi and faculty vitae

  Make housing reservations for external reviewers. On-campus housing will be used whenever available.   
  Collect meal/gas/luggage receipts, reimbursement forms, and W9s from external reviewers and forward to the Program Review Coordinator for reimbursement.  

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